Certificate Authority

There are a number of SSL encrypted web pages available to you on this server. When accessing these web pages, you will be be prompted with a pop-up window and asked if you trust the Zdi.net CA (Certificate Authority) to identify these sites.

We will only use these certificates to identify our sites. We neither sell our certificates, nor do we use them to identify web sites that do not fall under our direct control.

Likewise, we do not collect any information about your web browsing experience. Nor do we sell or in any way transfer information about you to other parties, with the exception of information specifically subpoenaed by legally constituted law enforcement agencies or courts.

If you elect to accept our Certificate Authority cert, you will no longer be prompted when you visit our SSL encrypted links. If you elect to not accept our CA cert, you will be prompted to examine the CA certificate each time you visit our encrypted sites.

You can accept our Certificate Authority by simply clicking the appropriate link in the frame to the right, selecting the link for your operating system or web browser. Thank you.


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Updated Sun Oct 31 2010.
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