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Cooking as an exercise in creativity

My Dad was very quality-oriented, having been a manager of Quality Assurance for aircraft hydraulic systems companies. He always took his work very seriously because he knew that people's lives depended on it. In his later years, he began to try his hand at cooking various gourmet dishes, and brought his sense of quality to it. That's what I try to achieve in my cooking; his quality and subtlety.

I get a level of self satisfaction from cooking a good meal that I don't seem to be able to achieve with other work. While I can appreciate my own work in say, web design or in writing a particularly knotty shell script or well crafted piece of Perl or C code; it's difficult to get peer approval for such things. It's nice to get pats on the back, but they come much easier with Chili or Chicken Marsala than with C or even C++.

I hope you find the recipes here to your liking. I'd appreciate hearing from any who have suggestions or comments.

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