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  • Linux - I've been a Linux fanatic since loading the Soft Landing Systems release 1.0.2 in 1993. Loading is about all that ever came of that one, but I did finally get something usable with the release of Slackware 1.2 in that same year. It was something like 73 diskettes, and I loaded it over and over again learning early lessons. I'm amazed at the functionality and application support that now exists for Linux. In the past four or five years, Linux has moved from avocation status to vocation; a move that I find suits me particularly well. I have a moderately sized ftp archive available for download, including mirrors of Redhat and Fedora distributions and updates.
  • Amateur Radio - Licensed as WA6EKP in 1974, Ham Radio is a hobby that I've had to keep 'in-the-closet' since moving into a townhome, but I'm gradually managing to get it together. The next project is to move to larger quarters... one that will allow me to sprout an antenna farm worthy of an aluminum porcupine.
  • Teletypes - I've been fascinated by Teletypes since a six year stint in Army Intelligence brought me into daily close proximity to these mechanical marvels. I remain in total awe of this machine with thousands of moving parts that can be replaced by a few modern integrated circuits.
  • Test Equipment - I've recently begun collecting test equipment; oscilloscopes, signal generators, and other items of technical merit that I drooled over early in my career. Items which were once prohibitively expensive for personal ownership, are now becoming affordable; thanks largely to eBay turning all of America into a giant garage-sale.
  • Photography - A early interest in 35mm photography and darkroom techniques has resurfaced years later as an interest in Digital Photography. It's a handy adjunct to website design projects, and helps me capture the antics of my friends when they least expect it...
  • Cooking - My Dad's enthusiasm for gourmet cooking spilled over into me. I've always liked being creative with my hands, and cooking gives me the chance to inflame my friends palates and manage the calories and carbohydrates in my own diet.

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