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In 1967 I ventured to downtown Los Angeles to the Henry's Camera store, cash in hand to plunk down for a new Nikon-F 35mm camera. I came away with a new camera, a couple of lenses, flash, tripod... all the necessary acoutrements to allow me to learn photography. Shortly after that, I was drafted into the U.S. Army. The following years saw me drag that Nikon around the world, snapping photos of exotic locations, scenery, and people.

Back in the 'real world' (... as 'real' as Los Angeles gets anyway!) work quickly began taking up all of my spare time, and photography equipment was soon relegated to the top shelves in the back of the closet. That was 1973.

A few years ago, I acquired a Kodak DC120, an early 1 Megapixel digital camera, to use in website design, and a new interest in digital photography and imaging began to emerge. The latest release from Nikon, the new 6 Megapixel D100, has me chomping at the bit to upgrade again...

Most of the pictures on this site have been taken with my clunky old DC120, so hopefully after I get my hands wrapped around the D100 you'll see some drastic improvements in the quality of images displayed here. Here's a few more shots of my proposed 'new toy'.

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