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Some of the recipes here are for very large quantities (especially the Chili!). They scale well, and I have a nagging desire to implement scaling of the recipes as a web-interface at some point. It would be nice, for example, to tell the 'Red Wine Chili' recipe page that you have 4 pounds of meat instead of the 'normal' 15 pounds, and have it scale the other ingredients in proportion for you automatically.

When I use units like 'Tablespoons' or 'Teaspoons' in a recipe, I generall mean HEAPING spoonfuls, unless otherwise noted.

Some of the more exotic Thai ingredients can be a bit of a challenge to find. We're fortunate here in the Los Angeles area to have an incredibly varied ethnic mix. We have lots of exotic cuisines and there are markets catering to the various ethnic tastes of the city.

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