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My Teletype 28ASR

I've been fascinated by Teletypes since a six year stint in Army Intelligence brought me into daily close proximity to these mechanical marvels. I remain in total awe of this machine with thousands of moving parts that can be replaced by a few modern integrated circuits.

The machine pictured below is a Teletype Corp. model 28-ASR (Automatic Send-Receive) set. It was built originally for the Bell System in 1962. When I bought it for $750 shortly after leaving the U.S. Army in 1973, it was painted a hideous Bell System 'Rose Beige' color. I disassembled the entire unit, stripped off the pink paint, and repainted it the Teletype Corp. forest green color.

The tape punch unit shown below punches 5-level Baudot code into 11/16" oiled paper tape. It's a 'chadless' perforator (those of you living in Florida should investigate this technological 'leap'!). I have acquired a reperf to install in the dome, but am awaiting the mounting brackets before installing it.

Teletype 28KSR - The Movie

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